Michelle Doan

Founder, Creator and CEO of Emani Vegan Cosmetics since 1998. Michelle Doan conceptualized the idea of clean, high performance cosmetics that is suitable for the most sensitive skin through her own battle with cystic acne. Building Emani from the ground up, the last 18 years, Michelle Doan developed a well-rounded expertise in bringing new products, ideas to life and into the hand of consumers.

David Sheen

David Sheen holds the position of CEO at Jon Davler, Inc where some of his responsibilities include brand development of LASplash Cosmetics and IONI Makeup, expanding the company business plan and increasing productivity within production. He also focuses on maximizing growth within their annual budget, minimizing cost in production, and developing human resources.

Lincoln Lee

Lincoln Lee began his career as a financial manager in 2001 leading him to Asia where he worked internationally as a Director of Operations negotiating contracts and directing marketing in the major markets of China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. Mr.Lee joined Trinity in 2008 focusing on mergers and acquisitions, ppms, flow through tax entity preservation, fundraising, and has worked for various legal and financial institutions such as the Ministry of Legislation, Republic of Korea. He is experienced with the laws and statutory requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and has been directly involved in implementations of SOX regulations.

Taking his financial and private equity experience, Mr.Lee currently serves an in-house role at Eastbound Media and Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills, a premiere professional skincare line, focusing on B2B domestically and globally.

Fernando Fischbach

Fernando Fischbach is Vice President of Golden Supreme and Cinderella Hair, a manufacturer of curling irons and hair extensions.
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Emilio Smeke

Emilio is an admitted clean freak, as well as a bath and shower expert. Where he came up with the idea for the scrubbers smart technology? The shower, naturally. Born and raised in Mexico City, Emilio joined his family business in 1997 –he is partner of Industrias T.TAIO in Mexico, the leading bath accessory company in its industry since 1993. He moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where he lives with wife Joanne, daughter Terrie and son Salomon (and his loved dogs, Tala and Rocco).
Emilio’s brain works overtime in the shower, coming up with new products for Daily Concepts, or belting out the lyrics of favorite songs, to make this world a cleaner world in the most responsible way.

Jim Ajmal

As the founder of Hollywood Style USA, a manufacturer of natural skin care, hair care, cosmetics and vitamins, Jim Ajmal has been successfully exporting his products for more than 10 years. Capitalizing on the world’s fascination with American-made products and with Hollywood in particular, Hollywood Style USA has an extraordinary reputation in the global beauty industry and with customers around the world