Certificate of Free Sale

What is a Certificate of Free Sale?

Foreign governments require a "Certificate of Free Sale", sometimes referred to as a "Certificate for Export" or "Certificate to Foreign Governments" when companies import products. The certificate of free sale is evidence that goods, such as food items and/or cosmetics, are legally sold or distributed in the open market, freely without restriction, and approved by the regulatory authorities in the country of origin (United States).

What if I am exporting to multiple countries and need multiple certificates?

Each country requires an individual certificate that is either apostilled or certified by the California Department of State and the California Trade Alliance (CTA). Apostilled and certificates are issued depending on the country of export.

What is required in order for CTA to issue a Certificate of Free Sale?

For each product you would like listed on the Certificate of Free Sale, your company must submit copies of invoices showing the sale of each product to a U.S. customer. The invoices should be dated within the last 12 months and the product names must be the same as how they will appear on the certificate. Please note that if you have more than one product, we can list them all on one certificate (though we will still need copies of invoices showing the sale of each product to U.S. customers). **Please note certificates of free sale can only be issued for California-based companies

How much is a Certificate of Free Sale?

• CTA members receive 7 certificates per year at no cost; $25 for each additional certificate

• Non-member cost is $50 for each certificate

How long will it take to receive the certificate(s)?

The service takes 5 business days after request has been submitted and payment has been received (if applicable). After completion of processing, your certificate(s) will be shipped via FedEx to the address indicated on your order form. There is no expedited service.
Please e-mail kimberly@caltradealliance.org if you have any questions.