Beaute Innovations LLC is active in creating high-quality fragrances, toiletries, cosmetics, and spa products more and more of the natural nuances, directly derived from nature. Beaute Innovations LLC comprise of a team of specialists who are continually proving their expertise in various fields like creativity, reliability, marketing, diversity, and technical partnership with internationally acclaimed beauty and fragrance houses. Our North America Regional Corporate office and manufacturing is located in California, USA, while our Asia Pacific Region is located in Mumbai, India.
Beaute Innovations LLC was formed primarily by two think alike partner: Kamlesh Doshi, and Raju Sanghrajka. Kamlesh Doshi is an expert in IT/Administration, Finance, Domestic and International Marketing with a background in Perfumes, Cosmetics, Aromatherapy Products, Chemicals, and Pharmaceutical. Raju Sanghrajka has exposure to Product Development, Packaging selection, Designing, Public Relations, and Advertisement. He is working with multinational companies and has been instrumental in implementing many new products in international markets since within a span of 15 years. He has vast knowledge in the fields of Perfumes, Cosmetics, and Aromatherapy products.
An introduction to our company, “Beaute Innovations LLC,” based in San Ramon, California. Our mission is to revive and revolutionize the U.S.A. fragrance industry, which is saturated with many mainstream fragrances over many years. Our ideology is simplistic — offer Perfumes with quality, at an affordable price and manufacture right here on U.S. Soil. These products designed are top of the line and suitable for export markets, guaranteed. Overall, end-users will be assured of content quality and application. We are doing our part to make the U.S. great again and stay at the edge of the innovation as the Global Economies become very competitive. We are confident we can beat or exceed our competition on many fronts as we strive for excellence and aim to satisfy the fragrance demand for new and innovative products. As it is known Worldwide, U.S. Products maintain a good reputation, with an assurance of quality, value, and excellent customer service.
Together with an enhanced intention of creativity and thirst to develop something unique gave birth to Brand Philea Eau De Parfum (EDP). It took us almost two years to create two unique signature fragrances—Philea and Philea man – The scents that Enliven your senses. Philea Brand is registered under US Patent and Trademark office with Registration#: 5,984,847 dated February 11, 2020. These products are manufactured in California, USA. End of last year, we had launched our new Fragrance for both men and women called Philea (TM).
Northern lights have inspired Philea man. And Philea Eau De Parfum has been inspired by the well-balanced nature of Women. Thus Philea is a pleasant balance fragrance created between floral and fruity accord.
We have positioned Philea as a brand that instantly connects on to Semi Premium Class and Mid Market, elegance, modern, and is honestly priced. Both our fragrances would last longer being Eau De Parfum (EDP) vs. Eau De Toilette (EDT) available in the market. Philea would be pleasing to upmarket and Mid Market and would provide better value for our products.
1) The Product brand created using a unique name PhileaTM means Love In Greek, another name of Eros.
2) The Product brand is registered and certified Trade Mark (PhileaTM) in the U.S.A. by the USPTO.
3) All products are manufactured in California, U.S.A. Acceptable for consumer use for Domestically and Globally.
4) There are total of 4 SKU’s, 100ml for PhileaTM Man, 100ml for PhileaTM (women), 2.5ml for PhileaTM Man and 2.5ml for PhileaTM (women).
5) Our products, from raw ingredients to bottles w/accessories, are manufactured by the industry’s best manufacturers or suppliers.
6) The Fragrance is Eau De Perfum (EDP) with a high content of Fragrance Oil, created by reputed Fragrance house and in conjunction and directions from our experienced internal perfumers.
7) Our U.S.A. manufactured PhileaTM brand Fragrances that are unique and with original compositions, made with essences of the highest quality. We hold exclusivity for the fragrance oil. Our Products are Designer fragrances, PhileaTM Man, which is inspired by NortherN lights and PhileaTM is Inspired by today’s Corporate woman who balances her life between personal and professional growth; hence, the Fragrance is a delicate balance between fruit and floral.
8) The artwork/design all our unique. Our in-house Artwork & Design team has created beautiful packaging.
9) Our Sampler’s boxes provide information to educate users with the Top, Middle, and Base Note.
10) We follow IFRA standard practice when manufacturing our Fragrance for providing fragrance industry’s commitment to providing products that are safe for consumers and respect the environment. Both our perfumes are IFRA compliant.
11) We follow strict standards of laws in California and the U.S.A.
A) Inks we used are U.V. Inks with “0” Zero V.O.C’s, V.O.C. Free “Volatile Organic Compounds.” This ink is considered Eco-Friendly.
B) Stock / Paper: Paper is S.F.I. “Sustainable Forestry Initiative.” This stock is totally “Recyclable. “This is an Eco-Friendly paper.
C) Soft-Touch / Soft-Feel coating: is a Water/Aqueous base coating. This is Eco-Friendly.
D) The glass bottles are recyclable. This is Eco-Friendly.
Enticing, bewitching, hypnotizing, endearing, even exciting- that’s the power of natural beauty products. And when they’re created with passion, the result is extraordinary.
Thinking of these nostalgic smells that can elicit memories of your grandmother’s clothes, the aqua freshness of the deep sea, wild trees in the rain forest, warm summer at a cocoon beach, the green breeze of the countryside or the aroma of freshly baked cookies. All these smells have the ability to exhilarate your mood elements.
It’s from flowers. Fruits and herbs that we find our inspirations and ingredients for our distinguished line of the products. We at Beaute Innovations LLC are continually striving to delight these powerful senses and enhance one’s lifestyle by creating a whole host of fragrances, toiletries, and cosmetics.

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