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1. Puriton® has neither an addictive quality and brings neither addiction nor virus side-effects at all.
Puriton® is a 100% natural mineral material with a composition of pure organic substances. Puriton® also has no addictive substances as additives.
2. Puriton® improves the immune system with its natural healing power.
Puriton® is a liquid substance with an organic ultra-mineral molecule, and it is a very strong alkali.
Also Puriton® generates -275mv of Anion (Sulfate ion). This fast movement of ion particles is generated by Far-Infrared Rays.
Another name for the Far- Infrared Ray is called “Light of the life”. Far-Infrared Ray makes the ion’s movement more active in the human body and brings the resonance absorption. This activation in ion helps to improve the self-immune system (the resonance absorption means the absorption of electromagnetic energy at a frequency such that the photon energy is equal to a quantum excitation energy of the absorbing system).
This has been proved by measuring the level of anion of Puriton® at the Adamson Analytical Lab. The result of Anion test can be referred from the appendix A.
3. Puriton® provides extraordinary penetration depth and accelerates its curing and healing effects.
Puriton® helps our body to generate the Far-Infrared Rays by using body temperature. The movement of mobility particles make heavy metal matters change to ion, and the heavy metal matters neutralized and/or excreted from the body. As a result, this makes excrete the toxic matters from our body.
4. Puriton® brings no primary or secondary bacterial infection at all.
Puriton® eradicates five major pathological micro-organism bacteria were within 24 hours and did not re-emerge for 7 days.
Based on the result from the bacterial test examined at the Adamson Analytical Lab, Puriton® eradicated five kinds of pathological micro-organisms such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella & Candida within 24 hours and prevented the process of regenerating the bacteria. The result of the antibacterial test can be referred from the appendix B.
5. Puriton® preserves and helps promote the growth of good bacteria.
Puriton® preserves and promotes good and useful bacteria to grow in the human body. Mineral extract of Puriton® products purify fine capillaries with a penetrating power of -275 Anion while natural antibiotics increase the growth of beneficial bacteria, which helps skin regenerate to the healthiest and youngest skin on their own, and realize retro-aging skin improvement.
For the verification of the function above, we requested the ‘Lactobacillus test’ at the Adamson Analytical Lab recently. As a result, Puriton® showed that lactobacillus acidophilus was increased approximately by 10% within 24 hours. The result of Lactobacillus test can be referred from the appendix C.
Our statement regarding COVID-19 on our Product
With the growing concern over Coronavirus, we want to reassure our customers that our products have recently been tested at Institute for Antiviral Research lab at Utah State University in May 2020, and been found to be effective against Human Coronavirus COVID-19.

“Puriton was an effective virucidal after a 1-hour incubation with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), reducing
virus by >2.8 log10 CCID50 (>99.8%). Positive control and neutralization controls performed as expected.”

These lab reports can be seen HERE.
Please remember the importance of practicing social distancing and visit CDC.GOV for updates on this rapidly evolving situation.

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