Zoom Buyer Meetings – A Guide

Zoom Buyer MeetingsWith the semi-permanent Covid situation physical life has shifted to Zoom. We all are taking what business we can over to the virtual. The goal is to make the Zoom meetings as close to face-to-face as possible, while keeping brands’ heads above water and stream lining how a brand functions for the indefinite future. Most businesses are having to go back to the drawing board on many aspects of business that were considered common practices pre-covid.  We have spoken to clients over the last two weeks and gathered tips about how they have been coping with this shift. Below is a collection of what has been the most important tools to navigate the new normal – virtual.


Imagine pitching a smaller portion of your line, which products have the highest margins? Which products have a faster turnover?  Which products are not in high demand currently…lip products, which are in higher demand… hair, eyes, etc.


Create a deck that showcases the products and describes aspects you normally would not have to in a face to face meeting. Meaning, now the buyers might not have the opportunity to touch and smell your products.


Focus on social media has never been more important, as the majority of commerce is done online with retail stores closed due to the pandemic. It is essential to keep existing clients engaged [and ordering] and attract new. This can be done through well thought out social media strategy.


Take into consideration where a brand is positioned and if there will be demand for that category of items during and post-covid. Brands that produce luxury items, may think about producing another line that is masstige.

As more business opportunities move online, this guide is a starting place to get those creative juices flowing. No matter the platform or format, the brands that continuously create and innovate will thrive. Stay strong and focused beauty entrepreneurs!

Upcoming Virtual Events

  • Beauty Buyer Meetings Middle East | September 21-24, 2020
  • WeCosmoprof | October 5-18, 2020
  • Cosmoprof Asia “Digital Week” | November 30 – December 4, 2020

Kimberly Pederson

Kimberly first got a taste of international e-commerce when she interned at the Center for International Trade Development while working on her statistics and economics degree at California State University, Long Beach. Here, she had the opportunity to assist with the organization of a California Pavilion at an International Beauty Trade Show.

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Zoom Buyer Meetings

Zoom Buyer Meetings – A Guide


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